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Treat Yourself Cupcake - Sew Inspirational Box

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**"Indulge in Creativity with Our Treat Yourself Cupcake Inspiration Bag Making Box!"**

Are you ready to add a delectable touch to your bag-making projects? Look no further than our "Treat Yourself Cupcake Inspiration Bag Making Box." 🧁✨

**Satisfy Your Creative Cravings:**

🍰 **Sweetly Themed Hardware:** Inside this delightful box, you'll find a selection of cupcake-themed hardware that will add a touch of whimsy and charm to your bags. From cupcake-shaped zipper pulls to sprinkles covered zipper tape and webbing, your creations will be simply irresistible!

🧵 **High-Quality Materials:** We've included premium webbing and zipper tape to ensure that your bags not only look delightful but also stand up to daily use. The materials are as sturdy as they are stylish. Clear cupcake TPU Vinyl and soft smooth jelly vinyl's.

🎨 **Vibrant Color Palette:** Our carefully curated color palette will remind you of your favorite bakery treats. Think pastel pinks, purple and blues, and sprinkles of color that will make your bags look good enough to eat!

📖 **Newly Released Pattern:** And that's not all! Every "Treat Yourself Cupcake Inspiration Bag Making Box" includes a printed copy of the Could I be any clearer? Stadium Bag from Sincerely Jen Pattern Co.

**Why Choose Our Bag Making Box?**

🌟 **Unique Inspiration:** Get ready to whip up bags that are as unique as you are. Our cupcake-themed box offers one-of-a-kind inspiration that's sure to stand out.

🧁 **Endless Creativity:** Whether you're an experienced bag maker or just starting, our box is perfect for all skill levels. It's a delightful treat for your creative spirit.

📦 **All-in-One Convenience:** Everything you need for your cupcake-themed bags is right in this box, making it incredibly convenient and hassle-free.

Included in the box:


Cupcake Printed Clear TPU Vinyl Roll (12"x54")

Cupcake Zipper Pulls & Coordinating Hardware Set

(3) Jelly Vinyl Rolls (12"x54") Pink, Blue, Purple

4 yards of Sprinkles Webbing

2 yards of Sprinkles #5 Zipper Tape

(2) Coordinating Water Proof Cotton Canvas prints (18"x54")

(10) Binder Clips

(10) Rolls of Washi Tape

Woven Tag