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Garner Sewing Room

Beginner Sewing Course

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Beginner Sewing Course Description.

This course is designed to support those who want to learn how to sew from home. The course will assist a parent or adult to teach a child or themselves sewing techniques and build confidence as you make new projects with each lesson with a total of 7 projects.

Each project has a pattern piece as well as detailed instructions. Projects 1-4 are precut for you so you can focus on learning your sewing machine.

Students will learn the proper use of a sewing machine and sewing tools. In addition, students will learn a new skill with each project, building confidence while learning fundamental sewing techniques and terms.

By the end of the course, students will know how to properly operate a sewing machine, troubleshoot any issues and follow basic sewing directions, all while making fun sewing projects.

This course includes fabric for all sewing projects and patterns with step-by-step instructions. As well as a one hour private lesson with one of our instructors, either in person or online.

*Children Sizing: 4-16

*Teen Sizing: 8-16

*Adult Sizing: 8-14

*Project 6 & 7 have digital print outs for perfect sizing*

Please message me with any questions. Thank you!